Epilog Laserは、Helix、Fusion Proシステムのための 80 ワットのオプションを追加します


Fusion Pro laser head and gantry.

Epilog Laser, the leading producer of CO2 and fiber laser engraving, cutting and marking systems, is excited to announce the addition of an 80-watt laser option for its Helix and Fusion Pro model laser systems.

“We’re thrilled to offer this new option for customers who are looking for a mid-size to larger-format laser system, as it will allow them to tackle more projects even faster,” said Mike Dean, vice president of sales and marketing for Epilog Laser. “Our laser tubes produce the highest beam quality in the industry, and we think the new 80-watt tube will be a great value to current and future Epilog customers looking to get the very most from their laser investment.”

Helix and Fusion Pro laser machines

The Helix, Epilog’s popular mid-size CO2 system features an 18” x 24” (610 x 457 mm) engraving table and is available in 30, 40, 50, 60, or 80-watt configurations. The Fusion Pro 32 (32” x 20” / 812 x 508 mm) and Fusion Pro 48 (48” x 36” / 1219 x 914 mm), the newest additions to Epilog’s product line, are available in 50, 60, 80, or 120-watt configurations.

Epilog’s patented Waveguide laser tubes feature higher CO2 gas pressure, less stringent mirror alignment requirements, faster switching rates, and a smaller bore, all of which provides users with the highest-quality engraving and cutting results available.

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Epilog Laser について
1988年以来、Epilog Laser は、木材、アクリル、プラスチック、布、ゴムなどをはじめとする多数の材料の彫刻と切断を行えるフライングオプティクス方式のCO2およびファイバーレーザーシステムを設計、製造してきました。Epilog は、全タイプの製品にこれまでにないマーキングと切断品質をもたらすレーザー システムの開発を得意としています。また、手頃な価格の使いやすい、汎用性と信頼性に優れたシステムを製造しています。詳しくは、www.epiloglaser.comをご覧ください。





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